City Beach Club BLACK CARD

A unique privilege program, lovingly designed and implemented by the creator of #beachnumber1 - Maxim Radutsky.

BLACK CARD is a set of benefits and bonuses from the award-winning partners of City Beach Club, among them: the best restaurants, hotels, fashion boutiques, as well as major brands and companies.

The BLACK CARD can not be bought and can not be stolen - it can only be earned and obtained directly from Maxim Radutsky. How or by way to earn a card - a matter of technology, fantasy or, sometimes, just the mood of Maxim, in any case - he decides everything.

BLACK CARD – это не просто скидочная карта или программа лояльности — это некий символ «избранности», и наш знак благодарности и признательности за любовь для самых преданных гостей и близких друзей #пляжаномер1.

Быть обладателем BLACK CARD – значит быть частью дружной и преданной семьи City Beach Club Family.

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